IRAKLION MUSEUM The Dolphins, Queen’s Room, Cnossos (1971)

Aghios Nikolaos Kriti

September 18th, 1971

Please pass on the enclosed card. – I am hoping to visit a few places of interest. – Don’t forget to leave a message at the air terminal! Wish I could see you!

Happy Birthday, Darling! Hope you are having one but I hope too that it is “not the same without me”. Sorry again for keeping you waiting so long. – I have explained the stamp difficulties. This hotel is only a few yards from the post office! Saint Nicholas is a pleasant little town. My room – I am writing this on my balcony overlooks the fresh water lake, which leads into the harbour. I spent yesterday resting – the temperature was rumoured to be 37 C. which I imagine is 90 something F – walking by the sea and looking round the shops – there is plenty to buy notably gold and silver jewellery, embroideries, pottery and hand woven articles. I think you’d like it here at a cooler time of year. I am missing you so much – quite lost. I do love you, your everlovig (…)


COS – Hotel XENIA (1964)

COS Monday Aug 31st

Dear Rae and Moira,

This is one of the State Hotels, very comfortable, where we are staying for (…) days. Cos is a most lovely and exotic island, with gorgeous flowers, a wonderful beach on the hotel doorstep and plenty of the usual rather jumbled ruins of all periods. Food fairly good. Turkey is only 3 miles away, across a narrow channel. This is our 3rd and last island which we shall have visited before going back to Athens for a few day on the mainland – Athens was so hot when we got here that we made off for the islands at once. Very few English around because of the Cyprus troubles, but masses of French and a few Germans. Cos is rather a rich island relatively, everyone tearing around on bicycles and motorbikes instead of donkeys!

Love from W.

(Hier ein interessanter Eintrag über die Xenia Hotels)